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Welcome to the August release of Visual Studio Code. There are a number of significant updates in this version that we hope you will like, some of the key highlights include: Custom menu bar – Fully themable title and menu bars on Windows and Linux. Breadcrumbs improvements – Symbols highlighted when navigating with breadcrumbs.
Visual studio 2018

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Welcome to the August release of Visual Studio Code. There are a number of significant updates in this version that we hope you will like, some of the key highlights include: Custom menu bar – Fully themable title and menu bars on Windows and Linux. Breadcrumbs improvements – Symbols highlighted when navigating with breadcrumbs.

New Terminal menu – Combined menu for creating terminals and managing tasks. Platform specific keyboard shortcuts – Share the same keybindings. JSON conditional evaluation – Support for ‘if’, ‘then’, and ‘else’ schema keywords. If you’d like to read these release notes online, go to Updates on code.

You can also check out this 1. Want to see new features as soon as possible? You can download the nightly Insiders build and try the latest updates as soon as they are available.

And for the latest Visual Studio Code news, updates, and content, follow us on Twitter code! Workbench Settings editor Over the past few months, we’ve been developing a GUI for editing settings. One improvement we made this month is to clean up the UI by moving setting value descriptions enumDescriptions into a custom dropdown control: Settings that have been modified are now indicated with a blue line, like modified lines in the editor.

The gear icon opens a context menu with an option to reset the setting to its default value. Setting values are now validated, and any validation errors are displayed. The table of contents now will remain visible during search, and filter to show only categories that have matches. You can click on a category to filter the results to just settings under that category. Set “workbench. When you search in settings, our Bing-powered search service is still providing results that it thinks are relevant.

Now, that service will also show you extensions from the Marketplace that have relevant settings. You will see a button at the bottom of the settings search results, Show matching extensions.

When clicked, the Extensions view will open with the matching extensions. Custom title bar and menus on Windows and Linux Also over the past few iterations, we have been working to improve the look and feel as well as usability of the title bar and menus on Windows and Linux. This iteration, we are removing the preview label with an aim to make this the default experience on Windows soon.

To enable this feature, you can set the setting “window. The new experience comes with several advantages over the default: Themable title bar, menu bar, and context menus throughout the product.

This means your dark theme stays dark! Better keyboard navigation in the menu bar. We have made it easier to switch between menus with the keyboard and use menu mnemonics. A less intrusive menu bar. The new experience is more compact and less jarring when setting “window. Better accessibility. Several accessibility issues have been resolved to improve menu usability with a screen reader. As we want to make this new experience the default on Windows, we encourage you to try it out and send us your feedback so we can provide the best possible experience.

Breadcrumbs improvements We have tweaked the new breadcrumbs bar, made various improvements, and fixed bugs: Focused document symbols are now highlighted in the editor. Breadcrumbs work a lot better with themes.

Breadcrumbs now honor the file excludes configuration. New Terminal menu The Tasks menu was renamed to Terminal and some more entries for the Integrated Terminal were added. Platform specific keybindings It’s now possible to enable keyboard shortcuts for specific operating systems using isLinux, isMac and isWindows within a keybinding’s when clause: Open window as new native tab A new macOS-only command, workbench.

This means that a file that has been deleted or renamed outside of VS Code or by another program like Git or command from the Integrated Terminal will no longer close a file that is opened as editor tab.

Instead, the file will indicate that it has been deleted from disk and you can just save the file to restore it. Unless the file is dirty, the contents of the file are not preserved between restarts. Middle click to open file in a new editor Now it is possible to use the middle mouse click in the Explorer view to open a file in a new editor and not reuse the previous editor in preview mode. Accessibility improvements We have fixed quite some accessibility issues – mostly around keyboard navigation, screen reader support, and focus.

The full list can be found here. This is an ongoing effort which we plan to continue in September. Improved Windows background update We’ve done some stability work on our custom Windows background updater, in order to address issues resulting in broken installations for some users.

This is a continuous work item with more improvements in upcoming releases. This behavior can be customized with the editor. When text is selected and you type one of these characters, the selection will be surrounded by brackets or quotes. It is now possible to adjust this behavior separately via the new editor. SCSS partial import is handled as well. The most interesting addition are the if, then, else keywords to allow conditional schema evaluation.

This adds a new option to the “html. TypeScript 3. This minor release fixes a number of bugs and improves stability. You can read about the complete set of changes here. In this release, we’ve added the Loaded Scripts view as a built-in debugger feature. All debug extensions that have the notion of “scripts” will be able to support access to their scripts in a dynamically updated view.

In addition, we’ve improved some shortcomings of the old Loaded Scripts Explorer: Chains of single-child folders are now collapsed into a single node. This makes it much easier to drill down into deep but sparse folder hierarchies. We’ve started to address accessibility issues. Middle click to remove breakpoints Now it is possible to use the middle mouse click in the breakpoints view to easily remove a breakpoint.

Change the default for “openDebug” to open on every session start For new users, it can sometimes be confusing when you start a debug session and the debug view does not open automatically every time. If the user is not yet familiar with the UI, they don’t know what keywords to look for in order to open the UI. To avoid confusion, we changed the default of debug. Extension Authoring Extension logging The ExtensionContext that comes as an argument of the activate function has a new property logPath.

This is the absolute file path of a directory where extensions can store log files. The path is unique for an extension and not reused by other extensions. The new version has support for: Code Action kind announcements from the server to allow clients to populate corresponding menu entries. Support for file operations create, rename and delete in Workspace Edits. JSON log format and log streaming Previously, when building Language Server extensions using vscode-languageclient, you could specify [langId].

Debug extensions: In order to use it, a debugger extension needs to change its debug adapter in the following way: Add a supportsLoadedSourcesRequest capability with a value true to the Capabilities returned from the initialize request. Implement the loadedSources request by returning the current set of loaded sources. Send out loadedSource events for newly loaded or unloaded sources.

New theme colors There is a new theme color for breadcrumbs: Background color of breadcrumb items. There are new theme colors for the settings editor: Border color of the new dropdown control.

The color of the line that indicates a modified setting. This API can be used from any other extension to interact the open Git repositories in a user’s workspace. Since it is still in its preliminary stages, we will continuously improve the API in the upcoming releases. As always we are keen on your feedback. This is what you have to do to try out a proposed API: You must use Insiders because proposed APIs change frequently.

You must have this line in the package. Copy the latest version of the vscode. Note that you cannot publish an extension that uses a proposed API. We may likely make breaking changes in the next release and we never want to break existing extensions. Selected source controls In order for extensions to know which source control instances have been selected by the user for visibility in the UI, SourceControl instances now have a selected property as well as a onDidChangeSelection event which represent that state.


See what is new in the Visual Studio Code June Release (). Welcome to the November release of Visual Studio Code. There are a number of significant updates in this version that we hope you will like, some of the. Visual Studio Code is free and available on your favorite platform – Linux, macOS , and Windows. Download Visual Studio Code to experience a redefined code.

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Found a bad link? Help us by reporting it We are happy to announce the release of Visual Studio This release brings a new lightweight and modular installation experience which can be tailored to your needs.

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Visual Studio Visual Studio Enterprise An integrated, end-to-end solution for developers looking for high productivity and seamless coordination across teams of any size. Please see the Release notes for more information.

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