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IM-History Implementation For Portable IM Software

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The complexities and multiple activities of businesses, cutting across all country and time zone borders inflict unwarranted chaos. It is here where an effective ERP solution with its far-reaching effect irons out chaos into a systemic design for continuous delivery of positive output for the company. It streamlines and accelerates the business process providing a… Read More »

Porttable ThunderBird Lightning With Mobile Master

Removed trust exceptions for certificates issued by Staat der Nederlanden Resolved an issue with gov. Last release for Android 2. Added a new rendering backend to speed up Canvas operations on Windows systems. Bookmark and password changes now sync almost instantly when using Firefox Sync. The http: Firefox version history Allowing you to know what… Read More »

Mozilla Firefox ESR, Portable Edition 10.0.9 (web Browser)

Various security fixes Read the full changelog Note: More details can be found here. Once a new OS version comes up, a general endorsement from professionals to upgrade is noticeable, and this is completely justifiable and not mere enthusiasm. Mozilla Firefox ESR, Portable Edition 10.0.9 (web browser) Released Mozilla is a global, non-profit organization dedicated… Read More »