QBittorrent Portable 3.3.4 (lightweight Bittorrent Client)

By | 27.06.2019

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Many of you praised it for being free and open source, and not holding its features back for a premium version or including ads, sponsored links, or banner ads to help keep the project afloat. You can read more testimonials in its nomination thread here. The ability to customize the client to your needs and then set it and forget it, as well as manage it remotely, makes Deluge another great option for lightweight needs or for headless setups like home servers, NAS devices, or other remote systems. Many of you said you rediscovered Deluge after leaving other, more bloated clients looking for something a bit more streamlined and easier to use.
qBittorrent Portable 3.3.4 (lightweight bittorrent client)

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Add “Hide zero values” option. Add ability to filter log messages by type. Add ability to write the log to file. Save resume data using QSaveFile Qt5 only. This reduces chances of corrupt files. Fix potential race condition.

Don’t merge trackers for private torrents. Fix double buttons in “Add New Torrent” dialog. Fix malformed date header in email. Save “Run external program” input as is. Enable “filename” column in peers list again. Crash is fixed now. Don’t display warning when folder name stayed the same after rename. Fix selection of Portuguese translation files. Fix selection of Esperanto locale. Fix “caja” file manager opens the file instead of opens the directory.

Fix periodic latency spikes on Windows with WiFi connections. Check WebUI username and password length. Support SSL certificate bundles. Fix splash screen staying on top of all windows. Should let Qt do the work when it’s more mature. Many other internal code restructuring, cleaning and fixing.

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Advanced control over torrent trackers (qBittorrent v2.x). Linux), and is a lightweight application that uses minimal amounts CPU and RAM. qBittorrent has been created to represent a free, more lightweight, neater and quite a lot, in fact looking like a lighter version of the popular BitTorrent client. This week, we’re looking at five of the best BitTorrent clients, based on to µTorrent, qBittorrent is cross-platform, lightweight, well polished.


Add “Hide zero values” option. Add ability to filter log messages by type. Add ability to write the log to file. Save resume data using QSaveFile Qt5 only.

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Webpage Editors for Lupu via Portable Linux Apps . Links-hacked lightweight console/GUI web browser Torrent client in the next version of puppy ? . Pburn Requesting test.ratt.su for puppy aprsdfc11, Internet gateway and client access to amateur radio ctorrentdnhfc11, Command line BitTorrent client for unix-like environments . ktorrentfc11, A BitTorrent program. kvircrc3. fc11, Free portable IRC client midorifc11, A lightweight GTK+ web browser. Allowed client list of nearly ALL and most used Trackers .. [version , , , , , or ] A BitTorrent program for KDE.

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